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When submitting a bug report or problem description to AVObjects, please try to follow the description format below.

  • Summary.
    Provide a descriptive summary of the issue.
  • AVObjects Component Version.
    It is important that you specify the version number of the component that you are using.
  • How to Reproduce.
    Provide, in a numbered format, the detailed steps required to reproduce the problem. If this envolves building a DirectShow graph, a screen shot of your GraphEdit is very welcome.
  • What you Expected and What Really Happened.
    Describe what you expected to achieve when you executed the steps above and what really happened. Providing screen shots would be a great idea.
  • Third-Party Software.
    If any third-party software (such as decoders) is used together with software by AVObjects, it is essential that you mention it and specify the exact versions used. Does the problem repeat itself if the third-party components are removed or replaced with different ones?
  • Files.
    Does the problem happen with any input file or data stream? If the problem is limited to specific files, please send them to us. If the files are large, please upload them to AVObjects FTP.
  • Specific Circumstances.
    Think of any other specific circumstances that might effect the problem. Some special hardware? Any workarounds that you have already found?
  • Logs.
    In a lot of cases it is useful to provide logging info for what happens in a DirectShow graph. Please use our Spy & Log filter for this purpose.

Any additional information is also welcome.

Please submit problems to via this contact form.

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