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This page is a copy of the original page on the AVObjects' web site and can also be viewed here. - Mar 13, 2023

  • Fixed log file output about LoadLibraryA/ExA/W/ExW() calls. - Dec 24, 2022

  • Minor fixes in output information. - Nov 24, 2022

  • Many parts of the log object have been redesigned and rewritten
  • Fixed bugs on release log object
  • Added output to the log file from the OutputDebugStringA/W functions in the 64-bit version. - Mar 20, 2020

  • Optimized search for the calling module to unwind the stack - May 12, 2017

  • The project was recompiled with VS2015, fixed compilation errors and warnings. - Dec 02, 2015

  • First public release
  • Uploaded for download by the standard method
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