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DirectShow filter to overlay Flash animation over a video stream. (Discontinued, please see Character Generator DirectShow Filter).



This product has been replaced with the new Character Generator DirectShow Filter.

Similarly to Text & Graphics Overlay, Flash Overlay allows to mix Flash animation with a video stream. If you want an .SWF or .FLV file to be a video source in you application, use Flash DirectShow Source Filter.

Possible Uses

  • Overlay animated logo.
  • Overlay dynamic content (such as chat messages, weather or stock info feeded from an external source).


  • Unlimited number of Flash items to overlay.
  • Support for native Flash alpha-channel.
  • Interlacing support of Flash items (for smooth animation on interlaced video - e.g. for PAL, NTSC, 1080i broadcasting).
  • Ability to change size, transparency, background color (with transparency) for each overlayed item.
  • Smooth position, size, transparency changes.
  • Fade In/Fade Out effects.
  • Ability to pause/play flash animation.
  • Ability to pass the variables into Flash items (e.g. for ActiveScript control).

Flash Advantages

  • Vector-based Flash animation can be scaled to any resolution (up to 1080) without any degradation of quality.
  • Internal alpha-channel support allows for quality transparency effects.
  • Support for dynamic content.

Future Features

  • "Scenes" support to easily change the screen layout.
  • Smooth transitions between "scenes".

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