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This page is a copy of the original page on the AVObjects' web site and can also be viewed here.

Our licensing terms & conditions.

AVObjects License Agreement


1. Acceptance

By downloading, installing and using AVObjects products, you agree with the terms & conditions of this Agreement.

2. Evaluation

AVObjects provides a free 30-day evaluation (trial) license for all its products. The purpose of the evaluation license is to test, build prototypes and demo. It is prohibited to distribute or deploy AVObjects software with or without an evaluation license. A full commercial license has to be obtained for redistribution or deployment. The evaluation period extension can be requested via the AVObjects Support Center support@avobjects.com.

3. License types

There are three license types:

  • Single Application License. This license grants the right to use the product to develop one executable application. The number of developers is not limited. Unless otherwise is specified in a separate agreement, there is also no limitation for a number of deployed or redistributed copies.
  • Single Developer License. This license grants the right to use a product by one developer. There are no limitations on the number of executable applications, as well as deployed or distributed copies.
  • Team License. The same as Single Developer License, but valid for 4 developers.

4. License validity, updates & support

With every license we provide a perpetual deployment license and a 1 year subscription for updates (the ability to deploy new releases) and support. See FAQ post for clarification.

Once expired, this subscription can be renewed with the following discounts from the full price of the license at moment of renewal:

  • 50% if renewed within 3 months upon expiration
  • 25% if renewed within 1 year upon expiration

No discount will be provided after 1 year from subscription expiration date.

We require at least one working email address to be subscribed to informational mailings about new features and fixes regarding to the licensed products. We reserve the right to make occasional cross-promotions to inform you about related products and add-ons.

Support is provided via support@avobjects.com or an online ticketing system available in the Support section of the AVObjects web site. In order to submit a support case, you must be a registered user.

Support is provided only for the latest non-beta versions of our products. The option to download any particular version is provided during one year since its release date.

If a product is discontinued, support will be provided until the expiration of the current subscription period. The option to renew the subscription will not be provided. Instead, a migration path to a replacing product may be offered.

5. Payment & delivery

Delivery of license files is made within 48 hours after receipt of payment by AVObjects. Delivery is made in electronic form via either email or download.

The default validity of all invoices or payment links is 30 days.

6. Third-party licensing

Licensing of third-party components or patents (such as those from Apple, MPEG LA or Dolby), that may be used together with our products or be an integral part of them, is your responsibility. This may be especially important for all AVObjects Decoder and Encoder DirectShow Filters. For more information, please, get in touch with a support service of a third-party company.

7. License limitations

You may not redistribute, resell, transfer, permit or allow any access to our product. Our products are prohibited to distribute in any way except for the case when your program uses our products functionality. In this case you may distribute our products by including them in the same installation package (or archive) with your product.

Your application must not expose any of its functionality through an application programming interface (API) unless expressly permitted by AVObjects. If you are not sure whether this applies to your application, please conact support@avobjects.com.

Your licenses cannot be transferred to a third party without written permission from AVObjects.

If you want your application to be distributed by a third party under an OEM agreement, please contact us to obtain a separate license.

8. Intellectual property

You will not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any of our products.

Any comments, ideas, recommendations that you may provide to us about our products can be used by AVObjects to improve its products, services and business processes and shall be considered Intellectual Property (IP) of AVObjects.

9. Right of Reference

AVObjects may, on its website, in its documents, brochures and other promotional materials, state that you are a customer to AVObjects. However, we are likely to waive this term upon request.

10. Liability

We license our products on an "as is" basis and make no promises, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, regarding our products or their use and operation alone or in combination with other software.

We do not warrant that our products will operate or perform without error or that any defects can or will be corrected. You, the licensee, are using our products at your own risk. AVObjects will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or expenses (including indirect and consequential loss or damage) of any nature including but not limited to any loss resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our products.

Of course, this does not mean that we don't do our best to fight with every bug in order to improve our software and make each of our customers happy.

11. Termination

We may terminate your license if this Agreement is breached. License files shall be permanently deleted. No refunds are provided.

12. Change

This Agreement is subject to change. Changes will become effective for all product versions released after the change has been made. We are likely to notify about important changes via email.

Copyright © 2013 AVObjects. All rights reserved.

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